The Virginia Military Preservation Association (VMPA) hosts two premier World War Two re-enactment groups: Fox Company (allied) and Fallschirmjaeger Regiment 6 (axis). Both groups are based in the Hampton Roads area and have members throughout Virginia, as well as North Carolina and Maryland. Members come from all walks of life and share a mutual interest in the uniforms, equipment, weapons, and history of World War II. Please click on the links to their individual unit web sites for more information about joining this fascinating hobby!
Allied Reenactment

Representing several units, F Company (or just "Fox", as we have become known), does a number of different World War II Allied impressions. This gives us great flexibility. After all, there were many units in World War II, and we want to give the public a chance to see how those units may have looked. Our impressions include the 30th Infantry Regiment of the 3rd Infantry Division; the 504th Parachute Infantry Division of the 82nd Airborne, and US Marine Corps. We also have women's impressions for the female members of our group.

To learn more about Fox Company and find out how to join, please visit our unit website.

Axis Reenactment

Representing 2nd Battalion, 6th Parachute Regiment, 2nd Parachute Division, our unit portrays German paratroopers in World War II. Our main impression is set up for the 1944 battle of Normandy, France, but we have uniforms and equipment to portray nearly every part and theater of the war. Our group is an official member of the Federation of German Paratroopers.

To learn more about our unit and find out how to join, please visit our unit website.

Other Impressions

Even though the Virginia Military Preservation Association hosts two premier World War II reenactment units in the Hampton Roads area, we are not limited to World War II reenactment. Individual members of our organization do a wide variety of impressions, which include several time periods: from World War One, through Korea and Vietnam, all the way up to Desert Storm, and which can either accompany period vehicles or take the form of individual displays for the public. Check out our photo gallery to see some of our other impressions at events!
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